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I am your secret weapon!

Yep, that’s what one dad called me when I gave him his bespoke fertility programme. After 5 failed IVFs they couldn’t believe that getting pregnant could be so easy. Your fertility is dynamic, never static. It take 3 months for every egg and sperm to mature and everything both of you does, in terms of nutrition and lifestyle, in the 3 months immediately prior to conception can influence the outcome, either positively or negatively.

When you only want to give this one more shot and you want that to be your best shot….that’s when it is time for your secret weapon!


Claire Burrows

Hi! I am Claire Burrows

Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach and Chief Baby Maker at Now Baby

I have helped nearly 500 couples just like you, to get pregnant faster. Working with me one to one means you are following a personalised plan and getting personalised support throughout your IVF journey. This is a 3 month commitment from me as much as it is from you, which is why places are limited to just 10 couples, so I can give you the attention and expertise you deserve.


Your Personalised Platinum IVF Preparation Programme incudes.....

    • the initial step is to get registered for the waiting list, this cost is €100 and you will get immediate access the 12 Week Fertility Meal Plan, including daily breakfast, lunch and snack recommendations, delicious recipes and handy weekly shopping lists, so you can get your nutrition right from Day 1
    • I know you have busy lives, so also included is a comprehensive meal prep guide to help you get a head start on nutritious meals without spending hours  in the kitchen daily.
    • Once a place becomes available, usually within one month, you can start the full programme. The balance of €795 is payable only when a place becomes available.
    • 90 minute consultation by video link where I will take your full medical and lifestyle history – arranged as soon as you join the full programme.
    • A bespoke fertility programme delivered in 12 weekly modules directly to your device addressing the specific steps to improve yours and your partner’s fertility naturally, and to prepare you for IVF/FET/ICSI.
    • 5 fortnightly 30 minute follow up calls, supporting your progress.
    • 20% discount off professional grade supplements each month


A typical fertility plan will follow this format


Week 1

Blood Sugar (insulin) balance

Insulin is the precursor to your reproductive hormones. It is a fat storage hormone. Week 1 will kick start switching off fat storage, reducing reliance on sugar and caffeine and start balancing hormones naturally.


Week 2

Body Composition

What type of exercise will support your fertility journey



Week 3


Toxins steal our fertility resources.

Reducing exposure through

  • ingestion
  • inhalation
  • absorption



Week 4


How to adequately nourish your body for conception



Week 5

Sperm Health

Sperm count, motility and morphology



Week 6

Cooking methods

How cooking methods affect nutrients and which cooking utensils to avoid.


Week 7


A variety of tools plus how to say ‘no’ when required


Week 8

Sub fertility 

Special categories



Week 9


When we sleep we heal


Week 10

Food labels

Knowing how to read food labels is a life skill.


Week 11

Review, revise, repeat


Week 12

Next steps

First trimester of pregnancy

This all sounds great but what if….

...we don't have 3 months to prepare

No problem! Anything you do to prepare will be beneficial to your success and the long term health of your baby. Register now and get the meal plan plus drop me a note with details of your schedule and I will endeavour to front load some pertinent info for you.

....I don't like the meals or have a food allergy?

The meal plan is very comprehensive and varied. It is

  • sugar free
  • dairy free
  •  nutrient dense
  • alcohol free
  • caffeine free

It is based on the ‘real food’ principles, so nothing very fancy and ingredients are all readily available locally .

I don’t expect anyone to love all 150 pages but I am sure you will love enough to get the variety you need. Swaps are fine within the plan. Each meal is nutritionally balanced so ideally you will swap like for like, i.e. one fish dish for another fish dish.

You can drop me a note regarding any food allergies or intolerances you may have an we can work out suitable substitutes. Gluten free products are definitely an area you need to be very careful with. In removing the gluten, there can be undesirable substitutions included which make infertility worse. 

......we get pregnant during the couse

Congratulations – you didn’t need IVF after all! Nothing in the course is unsuitable for pregnancy so you can continue with all of the modules and of course will get immediate benefit from the first trimester module in Week 12.

.... I really think we have tried everything already?


Unless your are a previous client of mine, you haven’t tried this before. This programme is unique, put together by me personally based on thousands of study hours and even more thousands of hours of clinical experience and never passed on to anyone else. You won’t get this programme elsewhere. If this is your last shot, let’s make it your best shot ever!

.... what if we change our minds after we register?

This is not just a financial commitment, it is a commitment to your future family.  Once you have registered for the wait list you can work with the meal plan without committing further. Please do let me know so I can remove you from the wait list and offer a place on the programme to another couple. Once you take up a place on the full programme we are all committed for the duration of the programme.

rainbow baby

Rainbow baby boy after multiple miscarriages

IVF success fallopian tubes

This mama lost both fallopian tubes due to ectopic pregnancies. After multiple failed IVFs she finally succeeded with the help of Now Baby

ivf success

Successful IVF after 6 previous failed attempts, aged 47

What do you say?

Are you ready to prepare for your IVF, giving it the best chance of success and giving your much longed for baby the best start in life. Get your pregnancy off to the right start and prepare to succeed to conceive?

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