12 Week Fertility Meal Plan


Take the guess work out of your meal planning while you succeed to conceive

I hear you and I am here to help!

Finding the right eating routine to help achieve your goal of a beautiful healthy baby has many steps to it, not least being nutrition. This meal plan has been designed with these challenges in mind

Your Now Baby fertility meal plan covers all your food and beverages, with timings and recipes for 12 weeks.

Your Now Baby fertility meal plan has a range of meat, poultry, plant and fish based meals with the aim of
getting the right balance of nutrients across the week and across the entire 3 months while the egg and
sperm are being nourished. If there is an item which you don’t like, I recommend swapping out that entire
meal for another entire meal from the same category, i.e. fish for fish, as each meal has been nutritionally balanced. 



Hi! I am Claire Burrows

Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach and Chief Baby Maker at Now Baby

I have worked with hundreds of couples just like you and I have created this comprehensive meal plan with your baby in mind.

Your Fertility Meal Plan is...


Dairy free

Despite the Dairy Council’s claims, dairy is not the best source of calcium. You can, for example get more
calcium from sesame seeds (found in tahini and hummus). The ideal ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 is 1:1.
For those who consume dairy that ratio can go to 1:25. This excess can create inflammation in the body.
Cow’s milk, even when organic, has growth hormones for baby cows, not something most humans need.


Sugar free

Added sugar affects fertility in a number of ways, firstly it causes inflammation in the body which may
cause implantation to fail. It causes weight gain and is addictive, making achieving a healthy body weight
more difficult. It is without nutrients and often suppresses appetite, making it harder to get nutrients


Caffeine free

Excess caffeine affects male fertility health and is also linked to miscarriage. The meal plan is designed to make it easy to reduce caffeine by incorporating plenty of fibre so stimulants are not required to activate bowel movements and steady energy all day through blood sugar balancing. Herbals teas are encouraged.


High in fibre

Fibre is important for bowel health and function. Some of our bowel waste contains hormone waste.
Emptying the bowel daily is important to reduce the risk of recycling waste hormones. Fibre is also
important for gut health, it can feed our good gut bacteria, which in turn stop the overgrowth of bad
bacteria. Fibre helps us feel fuller for longer, helping to maintain good body weight. Fibre is also important
for thyroid function, this particular hormone is crucial in early pregnancy as your baby grows at it’s faster


Nutrient dense

Nutrients are the vitamins, fats, proteins, anti oxidants and minerals required for sperm health, egg
quality, hormone balance and pregnancy. Highly processed foods have a low nutrient content, which can
make it harder to get pregnant.


Blood sugar balancing

How regularly you eat influences your blood sugar activity, which in turn affects fat storage, egg quality
and sperm quality. Maintaining good blood sugar balance improves fertility for both men and women.

This all sounds great but what if….

....I have an allergy?

Many of the top allergens are already excluded however, any meal can be swapped for a different meal without the allergen.

....I don't like a particular food

Any meal can be swapped for an alternative, however I would encourage you to eat the widest variety possible. This may mean getting out of your food comfort zone.

.... the ingredients are hard to find?

No need to worry! The meal plan contains real unprocessed food, easily available locally.

.... I don't have time to cook from scratch every day?

The meal plan has been designed with normal people with busy lives in mind. Many of the recipes are suitable for freezing, batch cooking and using as leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch or dinner. I want you pregnant, not exhausted!

What do you say?

Are you ready to ditch the overwhelm and confusion that have stagnated your plans and prepare to succeed to conceive, by nourishing your selves?

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